Arlene Sun

she is a New York-based illustrator, film animator, digital art designer. In 2018, Sun graduated from the Parsons School with M.F.A. in Design and Technology. Sun started her professional career as an illustrator since 2005 and published magazine illustrations as many as 400 pieces, in the era of paper media, its illustrations occupy most of the mainstream publications with more than one million circulations, including Car And Driver, HighEndCars, Audi Magazine, SMART-OPEN YOUR MIND, China Auto Pictorial, Motor Trend China, Harper's Bazaar Man, Leon, etc. Her illustrations received some awards and recognitions, such as KAN TAI-KEUNG Design Award, Midi Music Best Album Cover Design Award. She is a member of the The American Institute of Graphic Arts. In 2015, Sun founded SPDL Cross-Over Design Lab, dedicated to research and development of innovative projects that combine artificial intelligence, art, and design to explore different levels of artistic experience.


 Zican Vanessa Feng. 

Xiamen, China born photographer based in New York City. 

Having studied away from home at a young age, she has had the opportunity to explore different parts of the world including Singapore, United States, and Italy. 

These experiences now serve as the source of inspiration for her photography. 
While she focuses on fashion images, she still explores the essence of beauty, which is unveiled but rarely casts light in daily ways of seeing. She is always on the hunt for capturing the endogenous drama of life and discovering the hidden beauty in each individual. 

Jane Elissa 

she is a New York based artist/designer, author, and philanthropist.  She is known for creating artwork on canvas combining elements of paint, created appliques, collage, beads, vintage materials and tapestries. Each unique piece tells a story capturing the imagination, emotions and point of view that is uniquely Jane Elissa. Her designs are available as wall art and wearable art. 

 ' The Cartoon World '  

Pierre Montiel

I am a cartoonist who lives in New York City-- Sunnyside, Queens to be exact. I am American born of Cuban/ French background which influences some of my work as you will notice. I've been a private cartoonist for years and worked professionally as one many years ago. Now in my middle age and as a retiree, I do it for the fun of it. 

Sandy Nunez 

I was born in 1975 and spent  my adolescence  in Indonesia, 4th of six siblings.

I immigrated to New York in 2002 when I found and married  the love of my life.

I count it a great blessing  to be born into a family where the  love for  GOD, first and foremost, binds us to love and appreciate the beauty of nature and also to respect both the complexity and  diversity of the human race and the sanctity of humans' dignity as The LORD crafts His image into every precious life conceived in the history of the world's existence.

Though the love of people and nature have been instilled within me  from very early age, my deep interest in photography, as yet another prism  from  which I can magnify the majesty of The Creator, came and urged me early in year 2017.

As my senses have become more and more awakened, I have begun to  experience the intense splendorous beauty that surrounds me, everywhere I see, anywhere I go.

Through the lenses, I would love to be able to convey such beauty as it was intended.

The gentle reminder of  intrinsic heavenliness, in everything GOD created,that tends to be overlooked  as we are passing by wrapped up in ourselves and our daily struggle to survive this fallen world.

It is both my great desire and humble plea  to have the opportunity to help others to remember  that  if we would just pause  for a few seconds  and be still... we would realize  and know  that despite our  fallenness  and brokenness, even in  the most simplistic thing surrounding us , GOD sublimely created and still holds everything  in place, beautifully  and faithfully.

To The LORD alone be all the Glory.